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With cloud ERP hitting its stride, many companies are finally getting over their concerns about privacy and compliance in order to make the move. Fast-moving SMBs have been the quickest to adopt cloud solutions, while larger organisations have often been held back by their own complexity. Some companies just want to stay where they are.

The future of ERP will reflect the future of business as a whole. As we become more global, more mobile and more data-centric – we will need accessible ERP solutions to support us. This means cloud. Legacy and on premise systems just can’t do that in the same way.

It’s worth pointing out that not all cloud transitions are carried out in one go. Many organisations take the Finance function as a starting point. Then, as confidence grows, they move on to other functions, like supply chain and project management. For those mid-sized companies who have invested in a suite-in-a-box option, this is a straightforward process, as all the functionality is contained within the ERP system from the start.